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About Us

Jeff is a retired old guy that stays busy taking apart dead British Cars, saving the parts for transplant so you will have available the original used part to transplant into the body of your British Car. The Original Used Part often transplants better and do not suffer the rejection that often occurs with those parts made in China or parts often supplied by aftermarket vendors.

We select the parts carefully, only taking parts off dead restored British Cars, (A restored British Car is a British Car stored in someoneís backyard for years that is now stored in our yard.)

Jeff drives the above-pictured 1957 MGA that he purchased in November of 1957. He did a body-off restoration in 1994. This got him started selling off the extra parts on the net, then along came Ebay and now it is a part time retirement hobby business that keeps his wife Faith Joy happy because he is busy and has given up his other hobby. (He was giving widow women Zither lessons.)

Due to the better weather and making it easier on Faith Joy, we are now permantely located in Parks, Arizona.

Martin Jeffries
P.O. Box 51003
13 Stevens Ln.
Parks, Arizona 86018

~Editor's Note~ Since the publishing of this web site, Jeff has been receiving 100's of phone calls. But as requested, due to Jeff's hearing we prefer you use email whenever possible. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we need to keep this policy for now.

This is a FUN business, dealing with a lot of fun people (owning a British car you need a sense of humor) We try to treat people fair and our feedback indicates we succeed 99% of the time. So if you are looking for a fair deal on used parts and you get thru to us, we will treat you right. However, this is a retirement hobby type business so if Jeff is in for a transplant or off fishing for a few days and you donít get a response wait a week and try again. If that fails, check the obituaries.