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Our Warranty

What is your warranty? Many people ask us that question! We warranty that the part we sell you is USED, we guarantee it is!!! If you should find the part is new, just return it and we will send you a used one. REAL SIMPLE... We can't guarantee used parts, we can only guarantee that they are USED! We hope they work, and we hope they fit. We only sell and ship what we "think" will work and fit. We try our BEST!

If you have a problem we Guarantee we will treat you FAIR!

If the part turns out to be useless to you for whatever reason, you have two ways to go with us:

#1 You can cry in your beer and hate us.................or

#2 You can pay our out of pocket costs + the return shipping and return it.

So if you choose option #2 our costs are as follows:
15% to cover boxing, picture restocking & etc. + our shipping to you.
So lets say you buy a $100 MGB flipper flopper and it doesnt fit, you return it in the box with $15 + the postage on the box. Ex. $4.95. Your check to us would be $19.95.
We lost a lot of time and effort, you are not stuck with something you can't use. So is that better than crying in your beer and hating us? We hope so as We try really hard to sell good used stuff.

If you return it, the refund check will go out the day we receive the part back. We think that is fair to both of us. We hope you agree. Because we DO appreciate your business.